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July 20, 2017: Apifera is now an incorporated non profit
We are officially incorporated in the state of Maine as a non profit with a pending 501c status.
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Our mission:
Apifera Farm is a non-profit dedicated to bringing animals and elder/special needs people together in their elder care facilities, as well as at the farm, for mutual healing and wellness. The 501c will also bring together special needs individuals with any special needs animals on the farm for mutual encouragement and healing. The 501c will also provide a safe haven at its farm for elder/special needs barn animals and creatures on a case by case manner [even if it is a hospice case].

Pino and Opie at Inn Along the Way Open Farm Day
Saturday, June 24, 2017
{Damriscotta, ME}

Inn Along the Way is a wonderful old farm that is being turned into an elder community-with small houses, hospice suites and an inn for travelers and guests. It promotes the idea of creating community for people as they age, where they can partake in activities but also live out there lives with dignity, independence and a sense of place. I am committed to coming to the Inn with my Misfits to share animal healing.

Opie the therapy goat goes visiting to elders
Opie and I have started a relationship with Wiscasset Green, and elder care residence here in Maine. We plan to visit twice a month, and eventually have the residents come to the farm once we are set up for it.

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