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Apifera Farm is an incorporated non profit in the state of Maine with a pending 501 status.

Our mission statement:
Apifera will provide a safe haven at its farm for elder/special needs barn animals and creatures on a case by case basis-even if it is a hospice case.
 We are also dedicated to bringing these animals and elder/special needs people together for mutual healing and wellness visits.

Apifera Farm {"Apifera" means bee bearing in Latin} was established in 2004 in Yamhill, Oregon and relocated to Bremen in Midcoast Maine in 2016. The farm is now a non profit and takes in elder/special needs animals, something it has been doing since 2004.

We took on six sheep including some elders and their beautiful fiber for spinning, felting and craft is now available at the Etsy shop.

Katherine's books/art

Everything at Apifera is merged into Katherine's art and writings, with plenty more to come.
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Have donkey, and goat, will travel

Pino the mini donkey is a wonderful therapy donkey and has proven it through his many events and special one-on-one sessions he has thrived in. We can come to you if the setting is right for us. We also have a little pygmy who was a bottle baby from hour one and is very personable and cute as a button. Opie the goat and I are especially interested in visiting the elderly and he has been a real hit!

The Adopted Barnyard of Misfits

Apifera is also a final home for many old special needs animals. Since first moving to the farm, Katherine has been taking "The Misfits". She shares her Misfits through story and art, workshops and drawing sessions at the farm. Now that the farm has become a non profit, she has many plans to increase her efforts.

Workshops and Retreats

Katherine does art workshops and more and the schedule is forming as we speak. The barn workshop is perfect for animal lovers-you'll be hearing roosters and pigs and more as you work away in the comfort of the AC workshop above the barn-complete with the adopted barn cats and Opie the goat.

Apifera Horticulture

Martyn Dunn was a licensed landscape contractor in Oregon for over twenty years and is loving his life in Maine. He also is a huge part of Apifera Farm, keeping the place standing, creating beautiful rock walls and gardens and helping Katherine's visions come to life. He deserves a fresh pie every day!


How Apifera was Born

Suffering a long lasting broken heart, a forty plus single woman writes a sacred list of three things she needs to do to recreate a sense of place for herself. It leads her across the country to Oregon where she meets her next door neighbor. Soon after, the man climbs a cherry tree in a heat wave and brings her his cherry harvest, hoping the cherries will cool her fair haired flush from the heat. The next day, still suffering in a heat wave, she bakes him a fresh cherry pie with the bounty he brought her. This leads to one of many epiphanies, that she must love him to bake in a heat wave. With her love for him sealed in that crust and fruit, they go on to move to a magical delapitated farm, and they call it Apifera. {Visit the illustrated book Katherine wrote about this}

Birdie the llama is a hit with guests
M'Lady Apple is old and beautiful

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One of The Misfits-special needs creatures- naps