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Apifera Farm was officially incorporated as a non-profit in Maine on July 20, 2017. 

We have applied for recognition of our 501[c][3] status with the IRS. We have every reason to believe it will soon be approved. When approved, our tax exempt status will be retroactive to July 20, 2017, which is our date of incorporation, with any contributions received after July 20, 2017, being tax deductible to the extant allowed by the tax code.

Our mission statement:
  • Provide a safe haven at its farm for elder/special needs creatures
  • This includes hospice cases when needed
  • Dedicate ourselves to bringing our animals together with elder/special needs people for mutual healing and wellness visits at our farm, but also at elder residences 

Do you have an elder/special needs animal that needs rehoming? Contact Katherine. We look at each case individually. We also want to work with shelters, goat farms that have special needs goat kids that might otherwise be euthanized.

Donations are used for


  • Hay [8-12 tons] feed-amounts vary due to number of animals and weather
  • Veterinarian care and emergencies
  • Special needs equipment and items [i.e. winter coats, medicines, etc]
  • Bedding, fly sprays, comfort items for needy
  • Electricity and utilities to barns
  • Fencing, gates [this is never ending]

Animal Therapy Visits:

  • Transportation and mileage costs to and from therapy visits
  • Costs associated with farm therapy visits-porta potty, assistance

Major Long Term Goals:

  • More barn space for more animals, larger hay area
  • Drainage work in donkey area
  • Shelter to hold on-site therapy visits with elders and special needs
  • Turn another five acres into fenced pasture [we have 30 acres, and about 8 are in pasture]
  • Finish the upper barn loft to accommodate visitors all season, and more space for more elder cats
Tangible Donations:

  • We welcome inquiries about donating things we might need: fencing, gates, lumber, fans, etc

Donate via Paypal below, or contact me to send checks which should be made to Apifera Farm Inc.